New Quant Jobs

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Snr Front Office Quant, European Power & Gas

Ref: POWER-1505

XVA Quant Analyst / Developer (Ass-VP)

Ref: FOXV-0401

Senior Bond Trading Analyst Developer, Java (VP)

Ref: BTSD-2311

Market & Liquidity Risk Director, Treasury Market Risk (Dir/ED)

Ref: MLRD-1111

Equity Derivatives Quant Analyst (AVP-VP)

Ref: EDQVP-0208

Rates Structured Notes Quant Analyst, (Dir), New York, London or Toronto

Ref: RSNQ-3008

Lead XVA Quant Analyst (Dir / SVP)

Ref: XVAQ-1107

High Frequency Quant Trader Treasuries or Equities

Ref: QTTE-0806

VP, eFX Algorithmic Quant Analyst Client Algo Execution

Ref: FXCAE-1805

Equity Derivatives Quant Model Validation

Ref: EDQ-2904

Private Client Wealth Advisor

Ref: PCWA-0211

Model Validation Quant for Rates & Inflation

Ref: MVRFX-2305

Market Risk Methodologies Quant (VP & AVP)

Ref: RMQ-1604

Fixed Income High Frequency Algorithmic Trading

Ref: FIAT-2706

Senior Software Engineer / Library Architect (Director), NYC / Toronto / London

Ref: SELA-0404

Front Office Java Analyst Developer - Cloud Architecture Trading Platform

Ref: FOJD-2103

Snr Model Validation Quant Analyst - IR / FX / XVA (VP-Dir)

Ref: MVQA-0603

Lead Machine Learning Data Scientist (ED)

Ref: SMLDS-0103

Lead XVA Quant Analyst (Director), Copenhagen

Ref: XVAQ-1602

Senior Quant Library Architect (Director), London or New York

Ref: SQLA-2012

Head of Decision Science - Credit Analytic Scoring (Dir)

Ref: HDS-1711

Front Office Java Analyst Developer - Cloud Architecture Trading Platform (AVP)

Ref: FOJD-2410

Market Risk Analyst, Mortgage Trading (AVP, VP), London

Ref: MPMR-0501

Head eFX Quant Trader, London

Ref: HEFX-0708

SIMM Quant Analyst (Long Contract)

Ref: SIMM-2007

Quant Analyst, Structured Rates, Credit, FX & Hybrids, Hong Kong

Ref: QAHYB-2504

Snr Front Office FX Quant Analyst (SVP)

Ref: SFXQ-0504

Snr C++ Quant Developer, eTrading (AD-ED)

Ref: FOQD-2001

Portfolio Market Risk Manager (VP)

Ref: PMRM-0912

eFX Algo Trading Quant - Market Making (AD/VP)

Ref: EFXA-3010

Structured Lending Desk Quant, Fixed Income

Ref: SLDS-1803

Market Risk Analyst (AVP, VP), London

Ref: MRAVP-0507

Senior PPP Specialist Public Sector (VP, Dir), Luxembourg

Ref: PPPS-0107

Risk & Stress Models Validation Quant (VP & AVP)

Ref: RSMQ-2103

Rates Market Risk Manager (VP), Copenhagen

Ref: RMRM-1406

Director, Liquidity & Non-Traded Market Risk Stress Testing, Copenhagen

Ref: MRMST-2505

Electronic Trading Quant - Equities, Fixed Income, ETFs

Ref: MMET-1307

Director, Stress Testing, Liquidity, Banking Book, Treasury, Copenhagen

Ref: MRMST-2505

Risk Manager for Liquidity & Non-Traded Market Risk Stress Testing, Copenhagen

Ref: NTMR-2203

Snr High Frequency Trading Quant (Dir-MD)

Ref: HFTQ-1804